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Readings, Roundtables, and Speakers

The programming of the Center for Resilient Communities revolves around collective inquiry that connects, deepens, and inspires action. Collective inquiry means that we facilitate a process of shared learning and experimentation. We read together. Speak with thought leaders. Dialogue about challenges, problems and solutions. Our commitment to collective inquiry is not short term. We intend to hold this conversation and gather insights together over the course of many years, even decades. Each year, in consultation with its participants, the Center will establish a calendar of speaker events, reading groups and more designed to inspire exploration into the essential qualities for constructive social, economic and environmental change. We hope that the learning from our collective inquiry will not only nourish our circle of participants but extend outward to influence discourse in society at large.

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Join us for reading circles, days in action and speakers that engage students, faculty and community members in action research and collective inquiry.

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Reading Circles

The Center for Resilient Communities regularly facilitate reading circles to engage students, faculty and community members in a theme relevant to our ongoing scholarship and activist practices. We work with our community partners to select the readings.

Reading Circles
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Roundtables are a regular part of the CRC rhythms. These topical events are critical to informing our practice and posture with the communities to whom we are accountable, and welcome others into educational and action research opportunities.

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The Center for Resilient Communities is a space to discuss and engage with dynamic leaders around the most pressing issues our society is facing. These exchanges open an avenue for critical thinking, education and networking.


Reading Circles

Reading circles are informal gatherings around a book selected by faculty, staff or graduate students working in the Center for Resilient Communities.

Digesting one or two chapters per week over the course of a few months offers readers the opportunity for book club style exchanges and engagement with critical literature on food, hunger, water, community economies, race, colonialism, capitalism, gender, labor, the environment, urbanization, development and policy. When possible we invite the author to participate in the concluding discussion of the reading circle, as an opportunity to pose them direct questions and place their writing and research in our local context.

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What we’ve read

black food cover

Black Food Geographies

Ashanté M. Reese

feeding the crisis cover

Feeding the Crisis

Maggie Dickinson

Mass conspiracy to feed people book cover

Mass Conspiracy to Feed People

David Boarder Giles

indigenous food cover book

Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Devon A. Mihesuah and Elizabeth Hoover (eds.)

parable of the sower cover book

Parable of the Sower

Octavia E. Butler

beginning to end hunger book cover

Beginning to End Hunger

M. Jahi Chappel

Stamped from the beginning book cover

Stamped from the Beginning

Ibram Kendi

Women Race and class book cover

Women,Race, and Class

Angela Davis

Golden gulag book cover

Golden Gulag

Ruth Wilson Gilmore


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