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Fritz Boettner is the new Development Director of the CRC

The West Virginia University Center for Resilient Communities is pleased to announce that Fritz Boettner has been appointed to a new position as Development Director of the CRC. Mr. Boettner will oversee development, outreach and manage the long-term sustainability of the CRC. Mr. Boettner will work with partners and staff to lead initiatives, development projects, manage CRC budgets, and guide programs and projects to meet outcomes supported by partners and funders.

As the past Food System Development Director for the CRC, Mr. Boettner worked with a variety of partners to help establish a statewide food hub and link food security with regional food system development. As a advocate for ground up development, Mr. Boettner also brings over 20 years of professional management experience to the Center, providing leadership to help support the sustainability of the Center for Resilient Communities.

Fritz dev director welcome post

Discover more about Fritz:

Mr. Boettner is a visionary and systems oriented professional with over 20 years of academic, planning, programmatic, and project development experience in Appalachia. Fritz brings an in-depth and place-based understanding of complex social dynamics while advancing practical plans, projects, and outcomes. A native of West Virginia, Fritz is focused on economic development in the region while building and preserving natural resource stewardship, equity, and environmental regeneration and sustainability. He holds an M.A. in Environmental Management from West Virginia University and former Principal at Downstream Strategies where he led the Land Program. Over the past five years he spearheaded the development of Sprouting Farms, a farm training center in Talcott, WV and the Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective, a regional cooperative food hub to grow wholesale agricultural markets.