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Right to Food Day 2022

The Center for Resilient Communities will host a two days celebration for the Right to Food.  Explore research, literature and art to further conversations on food justice in WV and beyond. The events will synthesize the need for all people to have a natural, inherent and unalienable Right to Food.

To provide all people have a natural, inherent and unalienable right to food and have a fundamental right to be free from hunger, malnutrition, starvation and the endangerment of life from the scarcity of or lack of access to nourishing food. Right to Food, Food Sovereignty and Freedom From Hunger Amendment, WV, USA

Gather Screening 

April 21, 7pm

Gather is an intimate portrait of the growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political and cultural identities through food sovereignty, while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide.

22 April

9:00 AM – 9:20 AM | Food Justice Lab Introduction

Joshua Lohnes, Director of Food Justice Lab

The FJL is an experimental space for research and action focused on challenging food system inequalities. Our action research connects anti-hunger activists, farmers, community development organizations, and civil society to fight food insecurities.

9:20 AM – 9:40 AM | Food System Development Lab Introduction

Fritz Boettner, Director of FSDL

The FSDL serves as a catalyst to promote food system change by training leaders, launching enterprises and implementing food and agriculture projects with our community partners, particularly in coalfield communities.

9:40 AM – 11:00 AM | Coffee Hour and SDI poster presentation

Join us for a morning coffee hour to engage in conversations about the Right to Food and various food justice topics. A walkthrough presentation of the Sustainable Development Interns’ research poster will take place during the coffee hour.

A Mass Conspiracy Q&A 

April 22, 2-3:30 PM

David Boarder Giles Q&A with the author of a mass conspiracy to feed people. 22 April 2022.

We will be joined by David Boarder Giles the author of A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People as we discuss the last chapter of the book and have a short Q&A with the author afterwards. A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People Giles documents the work of Food Not Bombs (FNB), a global movement of grassroots soup kitchens that recover wasted grocery surpluses and redistribute them to those in need. Illustrating how communities of marginalized people and discarded things gather and cultivate political possibilities.


April 22, 3:30-4:30 PM

FOOD JUSTICE IN APPALACHIA  e xplores this multilayered, complex, social movement in Appalachia and b eyond through narratives from students, scholars and community-based organizations. Original art by eighteen regional artists, is juxtaposed with viewpoints from Appalachian non-profit organizations, farmers, food systems development programs, cooperatives, and artists, as well as personal perspective on Appalachian food traditions.

Right to food day photos

Ⓒ Gerardo Valera.