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The CRC prepares our community workforce for tomorrow. WVU Undergraduate Students are trained by CRC Team through the Sustainable Development Internship Program (SDI) while Graduate Students are trained  through the Community Engaged Research Assistants (CERAs). The two programs provide the necessary coaching and training to the students so they can skillfully engage with community partners and execute projects. By involving students in these projects, the CRC creates valuable opportunities for them to contribute their skills and expertise in assisting community partners. This active engagement allows students to apply their knowledge and make meaningful contributions to community-driven initiatives, creating a new generation of community change-makers. The CRC's commitment to involving students and community partners in these cooperative projects strengthens the bond between academia and the community. This collaborative approach not only empowers students to apply their learning in practical settings but also provides valuable support and resources to community partners, addressing their specific needs and promoting long-term growth and development.


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Undergraduates - Sustainable Development Internship (SDI)

Each Spring the CRC recruits a cohort of undergraduate student interns who learn how to work cooperatively to conduct community engaged research and deliver outcomes to our partners. These interns are enrolled in course credit and work directly with CERAs and community partners, benefit from the mentorship of the CRC team and peers, and receive an award of $500 for their work.The Sustainable Development Internship provides undergraduate students a space to build confidence and capacity in their search for creative solutions to local and global problems.

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Graduates - Community Engaged Research Assistants (CERAs)

CERAs are graduate students at WVU pursuing Master's and PhD degrees. They receive a monthly stipend and full tuition waivers. These dedicated individuals are appointed to specific Areas of Inquiry, working closely with community partners and Sustainable Development intern fellows. CERAs undergo training and mentorship to master CRC's approach, methods, and strategies. Their performance is reviewed annually, reflecting their contributions to our community-engaged research efforts. As they advance in their academic journey, CERAs play a vital role in bridging academia and communities.

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ResilienceLink Hub

Utilizing GIS as a tool for change, the Resiliencelink HUB works as a space to learn, plan, empower, and connect community members toward collaborative social change. Explore, use, and draw inspiration from our comprehensive open data and reports, showcasing resilient communities in West Virginia and beyond.

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