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The WVU Center for Resilient Communities is a learning laboratory, a field station, an experimental space and a makeshop for action research and community transformation.

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Thank you to the One Foundation.

The establishment of the WVU Center for Resilient Communities has been made possible through a long-term partnership with the One Foundation. The One Foundation partners with individuals and organizations to build and lead enterprises that regenerate community, the planet and self.

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Collaborative Action Labs

Ongoing projects at the Center for Resilient Communities


Food Justice Lab

The Food Justice Lab is an experimental space for research and action focused on challenging food system inequalities.

Nourishing network meeting

Food System Development Lab

The Food System Development Lab serves as a catalyst to promote food system change.

FirstHand Coffee stand

Health Equity Lab

The Health Equity Lab is focused on wielding action research partnerships to promote equitable community health initiatives.


Community Mapping Lab

The Community Mapping Lab advances participatory mapping and data visualization projects that democratize access to knowledge and support community decision-making.

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