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The WVU Center for Resilient Communities is a learning laboratory, a field station, an experimental space and a makeshop for action research and community transformation. Housed in the Department of Geology and Geography in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Resilient Communities fosters the development of grassroots, ground-up, enlightened strategies to address our most pressing problems. We aim to cultivate a diverse network of grassroots leaders, scholars and students who are committed to advancing just, equitable and resilient communities in West Virginia and around the world. We invite you to join our community of practice. We bring together collaborators from diverse fields to reap the harvest, to learn from one another and to return to our respective work with renewed vision. Reconnect with your calling, deepen your knowledge, gain new insights, learn new skills and connect with others. Learn from the ground up with us as we tackle the root causes of social, economic and environmental challenges together. We encourage you to join us and launch action research projects, help elevate the work of grassroots community leaders and facilitate new forms of collaborative action to build a brighter future right here in West Virginia and beyond. To learn more about the Center for Resilient Communities we invite you to get to know our people, our partnerships and our principles.

Readings, Roundtables, and Speakers

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Sustainable Development Internship Program

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Appalachian Food Justice Institute Programs

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Youth Conference for Sustainable Development

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