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Toward a Renewable Energy Transition in Appalachia

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April 28, 11 AM - 12 30 PM 

Registration to the conference is available here

Adrian Anderson

Senior Director - Renewable Energy Microsoft

Joey James

Principal - Downstream Strategies

Thomson Gross

GIS Analyst - Urban Grid Solar

Amanda Marple

Land Owner Relations Specialist - Urban Grid Solar

Autumn Long

Project Manager - Appalachian Solar Finance Fund 

The online conversation Toward a Renewable Energy Transition in Appalachia, part of the 2nd Energy Transition Colloquium, will explore ways to leverage on renewables to facilitate the energy transition in Appalachia. 

The speakers will answer the following crucial questions for the future of our energy system: 

  • What are the key obstacles and opportunities right now in advancing renewable energy transition (in Appalachia or in general) 
  • How or why is renewable energy transition a social and environmental justice issue? 
  • What kinds of research do we need to advance a just renewable energy transition? How can we more effectively increase public participation in research / science / policy for renewable energy transition?