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Our Team

The CRC is a collection of thoughtful, committed, community engaged grassroots leaders,staff, students and scholars learning together in the field of social action. We actively seek equity in the recruitment of co-learners representing different lived experiences of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability. We seek to develop a shared understanding of the value of social justice and the vital need for universal participation in collective inquiry and social action, particularly from oppressed and marginalized groups.


Bradley Wilson portrait

Bradley Wilson

Executive Director, Center for Resilient Communities

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Joshua Lohnes portrait

Joshua Lohnes

Research Assistant Professor of Geography

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Fritz Boettner portrait

Fritz Boettner

Development and Research Director

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Grace Dever

Community GIS Coordinator

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The CRC staff is fully committed to ensuring the smooth operation, expansion, and sustainability of the CRC. They are at the forefront of driving our mission and ongoing community engagement, while also spearheading our research and educational initiatives both within the university and the broader communities.

Executive Advisory Board

Embracing action, reflection, consultation, and collaborative decisions, the CRC has established an execute advisory boards to guide its endeavors. The Executive Advisory Board comprises higher education leaders offering strategic counsel for CRC's growth.

Community Engaged Research Assistants (CERA)

The vitality of the CRC thrives on its graduate and undergraduate research assistants (CERAs), actively engaged in educational initiatives and contributing to the CRC's research and community impact.

Faculty Fellows

Grassroots Fellows

shanequa portrait

Shanequa Smith

Grassroots Fellow 2020

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Jen portrait

Jen Osha

Grassroots Fellow 2021

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