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Community Partners

The CRC is an action research center and relies on our cooperative agreement with community partners for both research and education; and to activate our mission in community and system transformation. CRC goal is to seek out and develop long term relationships with community partners that put forth a mutual understanding of cooperativism and a mission of systematic change that will result in more sustainable and resilient communities. These partnerships seek to establish, maintain and grow an equitable relationship with a vision for a long term and ongoing relationship. The WVU CRC and its partners will openly agree to engage in a partnership that will mutually benefit and support each organization. Projects may result in products, knowledge, data, tools, learning, teaching, grant development. The CRC actively recruits community partners that have projects or ideas that are aligned with the Areas of Collective Inquiry.

It Starts Now!

The program actively supports community partners by fostering long-term commitments to community-engaged research. It provides guidance and assistance to community partners in launching or maintaining collaborative research programs through external fundraising efforts. By offering mentorship and resources, the CRC program empowers community partners to integrate research projects into their overall goals and responsibilities. Together, the CRC and community partners work towards generating knowledge, addressing challenges, and creating sustainable and resilient communities.

Call to Action



Express your Interest in one or more of our AOIs


Determine your support needs from our team


Write a short proposal


Submit your application

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  • Up to $ seed funding over five years
  • Initial guaranteed funding of $ over two years
  • Access to trained undergraduate and graduate researchers for projects
  • Increased capacity through the CRC to apply and manage grants
  • Use of Data Hub and Community GIS tools, resource, and programs
  • Access to CRC curriculum

ResilienceLink Hub

Utilizing GIS as a tool for change, the Resiliencelink HUB works as a space to learn, plan, empower, and connect community members toward collaborative social change. Explore, use, and draw inspiration from our comprehensive open data and reports, showcasing resilient communities in West Virginia and beyond.

Discover our Work

Resilient Communities

  • Resilience describes the ability of individuals and communities to persevere and overcome challenges that threaten their well-being. 

  • We acknowledge the painful histories of injustice and exploitation that communities have endured or are currently facing. 

  • Resilient communities forge paths of cooperation, embody mutual aid, and strive to build more livable worlds against the odds. 

  • Our use of the term "resilient" focuses on the human spirit and moral integrity that enable us to endure and work towards justice. 

  • Embodying hope in the face of darkness, resilience compels us to push forward, overcome obstacles, and uplift others as we strive for a just future.