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Michael Penn

Dr. Michael Penn is a Clinical Psychologist, Department Chair, and Professor of Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College.  His research interests and publications explore the application of psychological research and theory to human rights, the interpenetration of psychology and philosophy, and the relationship between culture and mental health.  Professor Penn serves the UN Leader’s Programme, which trains Director-level United Nations officers. In addition to numerous academic papers and chapters, he is the author or co-author of four books, including: Our Common Humanity: Reflections on the Reclamation of the Human Spirit, currently in press; Overcoming Violence against Women and Girls: The International Campaign to Eradicate a Worldwide Problem (2003); Moral Trauma: An Analysis of Akrasia and Mental Health (2016); and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights and Human Dignity (2020). From 1998-2000, Professor Penn lived in Switzerland where he helped to design the UN-funded, “Education for Peace Project” that helped thousands of children and youth and their families in Bosnia-Herzegovina overcome the effects of genocide.