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What We Do

At CRC, our mission is to conduct community engaged research and foster innovative solutions, while nurturing the next generation of change agents across Appalachia and beyond. 

We aim to create effective grassroots solutions, collaboration is key. We actively engage a diverse network of collaborators, elevating the leadership of marginalized groups including people of color and women. By fostering mutual aid and cooperation, we empower individuals, institutions, and communities. Our Center's structure is designed to fulfill our mission, direction, and effectiveness by dividing responsibilities between two programmatic hubs: The Research Hub and The Education Hub. These hubs serve as essential pillars through which all CRC programs and their associated outcomes are supported and channeled. Although each hub operates with distinct mandates and coordinating structures, they share common objectives in serving the overarching mission of the CRC. Each hub has a comprehensive management plan that encompasses the various program plans under its purview.

our principles



Our focus is on collecting and disseminating cutting-edge learning in the realm of social action. We're dedicated to supporting and fortifying resilient communities through sharing insights and strategies.



Years of collaboration with our diverse community partners have revealed the crucial role of systems thinking in problem solving, planning, and community development. We challenge assumptions that shape our institutions, employing engaged research to explore social and environmental dynamics and their underlying influences.

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Guided by collaborative learning and thoughtful consultation, we embark on a deliberate journey of collective inquiry and social action. We assist individuals and institutions in planning and developing diverse systems that contribute to community well-being, justice, and sustainable regional growth.