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Our Approach

Our Center's structure is designed to fulfill our mission, direction, and effectiveness by dividing responsibilities between two programmatic hubs: The Research Hub and The Education Hub. These hubs serve as essential pillars through which all CRC programs and their associated outcomes are supported and channeled. Although each hub operates with distinct mandates and coordinating structures, they share common objectives in serving the overarching mission of the CRC. Each hub has a comprehensive management plan that encompasses the various program plans under its purview. 


The hubs play a critical role in informing, guiding, and documenting the outputs resulting from CRC activities. The following activities provide a detailed description of their functions:



Dedicated to facilitating and overseeing community partner research initiatives within the CRC. It serves as a platform for conducting investigations, gathering data, and developing creative analyses or potential solutions to address pressing issues. The Research Hub plays a crucial role in promoting evidence-based practices and generating knowledge that contributes to resilient communities.



Focuses on advancing educational programs and initiatives with community partners that foster engagement and empower individuals. It provides opportunities for learning, skill development, and capacity-building, with the aim of equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute to community well-being and resilience.

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Utilizing GIS as a tool for change, the Resiliencelink HUB works as a space to learn, plan, empower, and connect community members toward collaborative social change. Explore, use, and draw inspiration from our comprehensive open data and reports, showcasing resilient communities in West Virginia and beyond.

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