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Who We Are


The Center for Resilient Communities is led by dedicated staff and collaborators.

Bradley Wilson smiling and looking to the side

Bradley Wilson



Bradley Wilson is Associate Professor of Geography and founding director of the CRC at WVU.

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Megan Govindan smiling

Megan Govindan

Program Director, Community Leadership


Megan Govindan is a native West Virginian, with a passion for community nutrition.

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Amanda Marple standing beside railroad tracks

Amanda Marple

Program Director, Education and Outreach


Amanda Marple conducts action research focused on cooperatives enterprises as an alternative means of grassroots economic organizing.

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Joshua Lohnes sitting beside a river

Joshua Lohnes

Program Director, Food Policy Research


Joshua Lohnes studies the moral, political and economic place of food in the wider economy.

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Fritz Boettner standing with his hands pressed together

Fritz Boettner

Program Director, Food System Development


Fritz Boettner has 15 years of experience in a wide array of food system development and implementation activities.

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Thomson Gross wearing a hat, holding a baby on his back

Thomson Gross

Program Director, Community GIS Research


Thomson Gross is originally from West Virginia but spent his formative years in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Heidi Gum holding 3 jars of food

Heidi Gum

Graduate Research Assistant

Heidi Gum is a Master's student at WVU whose research explores women’s leadership in community food systems.

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Alanna Higgins smiling

Alanna Higgins

Provost Fellow

Alanna Higgins is entering her second year with the lab as a Phd candidate in the Geography Department.

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Valentina Muraleedharan smiling in front of a tree

Valentina Muraleedharan

Graduate Research Assistant

Valentina Muraleedharan has a deep love for community-building and plans to pursue her Ph.D. research in this light.

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Valerie Slone smiling and holding up brochures

Valerie Slone

Graduate Research Assistant

Valerie Slone is an MA candidate in Geography and is passionate about the intersection of food and culture.

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Emily Tingler smiling

Emily Tingler

Graduate Research Assistant

Emily Tingler is pursuing an MA in Geography and divides her energy among many interests.

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